The Bowline Knot


If you’re going to climb trees – its obvious, you need to know how to tie the bowline knot.  It’s probably the most essential tree climbing knot there is and is one of the first knots any serious climber should learn.

Check out the slideshow below to learn exactly how I tie the Bowline Knot.


The bowline is usually employed thus:

  • for the simple attaching of a throwline to a throwbag
  • for the tying off of pieces while rigging
  • also used to attach climbing line to carabiner or rope snap.(Note: it should never be used as a terminal knot when using any split-tail climbing system because of its obvious limitations.)
  • for tying any running bowline aswell as the  bowline on a bight


  • very simple to check
  • very simple to untie.


  • this tree climbing knot has a small risk that it might work loose due to creeping
  • Always ensure the tail is pulled right through and maintains a position inside of the major loop NOT outside!