The Figure of 8 Knot


The Figure of 8 Knot is sometimes known as The Flemish knot or just plain “eight.” Often employed by sailors, this is a fantastic stopper knot.

Below you can see how to tie The Figure of 8 Knot in a  simple slideshow.

The Figure of 8 is often used as an alternative to the Overhand Knot.

Of course – in non-loading and situations which are not life threatening, I usually use a simple overhand knot as a stopper knot. In comparison,  The Figure of 8 takes more rope and can be slightly more difficult to tie. Bulky in  nature of the eight makes it a superior stopper knot. The eight is a pretty strong knot, compared to the simple overhand knot.

When perfectly tied , the Figure of 8 Knot doesn’y suffer from anywhere near  as much strength loss or potential to damage the rope as the overhand knot.