Clove Hitch Knot


An extremely useful all purpose hitch. If its to be used in lowering large limbs, its recommended to complete the clove hitch with two half hitches. In arboriculture, the clove hitch is often used to send equipment up to the tree tops.

Check out the step by step tutorial on tieing one of the essential tree clombing knots – The Clove Hitch.



  • Very simple to tie and untie, the clove hitch is also easy to inspect
  • Minimum strain is placed on the rope as it passes around an object in just one direction.


  • Unfortunately as the rope does only pass around the object in a single direction, the tier needs to consider which way the knot should be oriented.
  • This knot should NEVER be used as a lone anchor when using split tail climbing system.  The Clove Hitch can slip, loosen, and creep.
  • When using this knot on a non-locking carabiner,ensure that the loop taking the load is adjacent to the carabiner’s spine (the spine side is across from the gate).