Play safe when getting to the Treetop – Use Climbing Knots Properly


Climbing knots play an important role in climbing a tree safely. Your journey to the canopy can be done safely with the help of tree climbing knots. Your lifeline in climbing a tree is your rope; the knots are your life preserver. They are the two equally important factors to ensure your safety. Your life depends on how you tie and use your climbing knots. There are several ways to stay safe while reaching the top of the tree.


The first thing you need to do is to learn the different kinds of knots used in climbing a tree. Your safety may depend greatly on how you tie your knot. One mistake in tying your knot can lead to serious injuries or even death. You should know how to make the knot correctly and when to use them. Devote some time practicing them. Keep in mind that practice makes everyone perfect. Learn how to tie a knot not just in mind but by heart. By doing this, you can make a knot even if your eyes are closed.

Once you have learned everything about tying a knot, you also need to learn their strength. Through this, you will be able to choose the strongest knots to use in order to ensure your safety. Keep in mind that all knots are not equally strong. There are several factors that can affect the strength of the knots. The type of knot to be used and the quality of how it was created has a big impact on the strength of the climbing knot. Knots can affect the strength of the rope as well. The rope is in its strongest condition when they are straight, free of bends and knots. The quality of tied knots greatly affects the strength of the rope. This should always be looked upon to keep the dependability of the rope.

You should keep your focus when tying your knot. Don’t let anyone or anything distract you to make sure that the knot is properly made. As much as possible, avoid talking with other climbers when tying your knots. The chances are you might forget or overlook a detail in the process. Again, your life depends on them. There have been some cases that even the well experienced tree climber’s lives were compromised due to lack of attentiveness when tying their knot.

After you have successfully tied your knot, you may want to dress your knot to free it from bends, kinks and twist. These can affect the dependability of the knots. Not to mention the fact that it can also affect the strength of the rope. You may also want to use the excess rope to make a back up knot. After clearing up your knot, conduct a visual and strength inspection. Make sure that the knot is properly made and test the quality of how it was made. This gives the advantage of using the figure of eight knot follow through because they can easily be inspected visually.

Tree climbing knots are your climbing partner. Your safety greatly depends on them. Tree climbing knots when made properly and used wisely will surely help tree climbing process easy and worry free for you.